Eco Architecture, Gigantic complex planned for New Orleans

Dubbed NOAH

Architect: E. Kevin Schopfer AIA, Riba

Location: New Orleans/ USA

Futuristic architecture will not just be providing adequate space for living and business, but should be capable of generating enough power to fuel different operations that the inhabitants will be carrying out. Three ambitious architectural firms have set out on a task to re-develop New Orleans with a 30-million-square-foot triangular architectural complex on the Mississippi riverfront. Dubbed NOAH, or New Orleans Archology Habitat, the hurricane-proof complex will carry 20,000 residential units, three hotels, 1 million square feet of commercial space and enough space for cultural facilities and offices.

The complex will feature an array of green systems that will include solar panels, wind turbines, water turbines, fresh water recovery systems and a passive solar glazing system. The complex is still under planning, and hopefully the designers will be out to find someone with one of the largest pockets on earth to fund such an enormous project. Eco Factor:architectural complex capable of harnessing solar, wind and water energy envisioned for New Orleans